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Animal Woman
As a child, Maria loved eating hamburgers and malts ...
Now she is the origin of that delicious meal.

"I told you to pull gently not to pinch."

-I'm sorry, Mom.

"It hurts a lot, do it carefully."

Maria complained again, and not for less, had been a cow woman for a week, and was milked by her son, but the young man hardly learned.

"That's enough, you're done for today, now go and feed the pigs." A man dressed as a farmer speaks to the boy who had already filled a bucket.

"I still have milk, you can go on."

"I said no, one bucket a day is the deal."

The young man got up from the bench where he had been sitting the last hour, kissed his mother on the forehead and went to the pigs.

About a week ago, Maria was an ordinary woman, a migrant living in a rural ranch in South Texas, along with her husband who had crossed the border 5 years ago to find a better life, man had left for another woman.

She works as a maid, but did not earn much money, one part was sent to her mother in her hometown in El Salvador and the rest saved her for her son's university.

However, the boy was a rebel who joined gangsters, vandalized and missed classes, and their evils were the source of all this.

When young Pedro entered Old James' farm, he always wreaked havoc, kicked the chickens, graffiti on the barn walls, threw tools, and several wrecks. But what amused him most was frightening the cows, he spent a lot of time doing it, this caused the poor animals to start producing little milk and poor quality. This made that the cowboy James put itself in disposition to catch at all costs who caused him problems, so after a few days, he heard again the cows moan of fear, when he arrived he was ready to shoot with his rifle but when seeing the boy that just looking at the rifle was more scared than the cows lowered the gun. But I was not going to let him go like that, for I would take him to the police, child, or I should not pay for his evil deeds.

Maria found out with the cowboy, begged her not to do it, she would pay him all the wrong that his son had done.

But he soon learned that by far the senseless vandalism of his son passed, all his savings and income from his work, it was inevitable that he would be arrested, unless ...

The cowboy said they could arrange it differently, and that's how she took the place of one of the cows Mary and Peter did not understand, but James told her that she had to accept being a cow or her son would be arrested. Without understanding what Maria was going through, the cowboy told her to get undressed.

"Not in front of my son, please." With tears the Latin woman begged, imagining herself to be an old pervert.

"I do not have all day, do it, all at once."

Maria undressed completely, before the eyes of her son, who despite the seriousness of the matter did not avoid getting excited, because her mother had a body of envy for many women and desire for men, more than once had sexual proposals , in her work she received a handkerchief from the one who cleaned the house, both men and women, and was invited to work on several club of the striptease, but she always refused, because she had a strong morality inculcated by her mother, who now did not care. Mary was distressed and covered her nakedness with her hands, the cowboy told her.

"Now, I want to be a cow and you own me."

"I do not understand, sir ..." It was not that Maria did not understand English, but the phrase was something that was insecure.

"Say it now." The cowboy spoke in anger.

"I want to be a cow and you my owner." With resignation, the woman who thought it was a fetish of that old man spoke.

The man approached and from his bag took some powder that I threw at Maria, the young woman could not avoid sneezing when the dust entered her nose, but then felt changes, changes that I could not imagine. All over his body grew fur, very short, black and white, it seemed that if skin was painted of those colors, his mouth stretched next to his nose, his ears became long and doubled, from his head 2 small horns they were growing. None of this hurt, but it was a feeling he had never experienced, if he could define it in a word, it would be orgasmic. But this sensation increased when his large chest, grew to double in addition to the appearance of a couple more nipples, and his ass, at the height of the column a tail grew slowly.. Although it might seem to Maria that it had been an eternity, only a minute happened, she was exhausted, she could hardly crawl, when she recovered some energy, the cowboy James put a mirror in front of her, when she looked at her reflection, she could only say:


James said that now Maria was a cow, Pedro looked at his mother in amazement and asked what had happened.

-You are a child, although my farm is small, my products are very expensive, the other cows produce common milk, but a human cow although produces little milk, is the most delicious in the world, with it are made the most expensive cheeses, exquisite creams and if not a little glass a month makes life longer and in great health, also never rot.

"Am I a cow forever?" Maria asked with her first words like a cow.

"That's what I would like, but the effect only lasts 3 years, with that you will pay your debt and interest.

That had happened a week ago, Pedro did not allow his mother to be touched by the man, so he offered to be the one to do it, James put it as a condition to work for him on the farm.

The old man had been a farmer since he was a boy, so it was a profession and even though he had a lot of money, he could not let anyone harm his beloved cows.

During this time Peter became responsible, worked hard, no longer mischief and returned to school.

This pleased her mother a lot, was proud of her son, had changed for the better, and she enjoyed being a cow, although at first it was something that terrified her learned to enjoy it.

She tried to hide it, but she liked to be milked. Besides, she no longer had the pressure to pay debts, rent or have to work, because she slept all she wanted, the taste of the grass loved and she liked to talk with her new friends that she understood your language.

Her only concern was that someday she would be human again, if it were for her she would be a cow forever, but a year was the effect of the dust, whose origin the old man did not want to reveal, but said that it was very difficult to and that's why it was not common for a woman to have a cow on her farm.

Even though Maria wanted to see her mother again, and she would not let her see her daughter as a cow, for the money she did not have to worry, she would give her mother a better life and her reformed son a great university education.

For the old man would share the profits of everything he produced with her, not only milk, but also the fertilizer produced by Maria, because it was so good that it made the most infertile soil fertile, and many people knew that the cheese that they ate with human milk and wanted to know more about it, and so they asked for photos, which James made Mary pose in an erotic way, making her forget her morality, those pictures sold them at high prices.

It would be 3 years that no one wanted it to end.



No journal entries yet.


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